Liyuan Theater Address

Qianmen jianguo hotel ,175 Yongan Road, Xuan Wu District, Beijing


Getting Liyuan Theater

By Bus

there are the following direct buses: 7, 14, 15, 23, 66, 70, 102, 105, 603 (Get off at: Hu Fang Qiao Lu Kou Nan) and 6, 15, 105,  (Get off at: Yong An Lu).



By Subway

Liyuan Theatre, located in Qianmen Jianguo Hotel can be accessed by subway at Hufangqiao Station on line 7. The theatre building is located close to the metro exit C

see map


七号线虎坊桥站 C 口出

Liyuan Theater show time

Every day



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Qianmen Jianguo Hotel Liyuan Theater


Nowadays, “climbing the Great Wall, eating roasted duck and watching Beijing Opera” have

become a must for foreign visitors to Beijing. It is estimated that one in ten foreign tourists

will have the experience of watching Beijing Opera in “Qianmen Jianguo Hotel Liyuan Theater”


Ticket List Price
Full Price
RMB 280 downstairs
RMB 380 section 1;3                 (Free refreshments)
RMB 480 section 2                     (Free refreshments)
RMB 580 VIP section                    (Free refreshments)


Running Time: night 19:30-20:40

Tips: 45 minutes early to enter the theater, you can watch the actors make-up, and you can take pictures!


English Hotline:  (86)187 6692 5759

Chinese Hotline:  (86)150 1128 3567

Email Book Tickets:

email you back in 30 mins.


Discount Tickets Booking only By Email or phone call, tell us your name, price, number of tickets and mobile number.

You meet our guide at Liyuan Theater 40 mins before show start receive your tickets,

we are not the theatre Box Office, we are a travel agent. you’d better be there at

appointed time get good seat. Tickets first come first serve. we will hold your name on the

paper wait for you at tickets office next. pay cash please.


Look the seat map and select seat





Liyuan Theater entrance









English Hotline:  (86)187 6692 5759

Chinese Hotline:  (86)150 1128 3567

Email Book Tickets:

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