Liyuan Theater Address

Qianmen jianguo hotel ,175 Yongan Road, Xuan Wu District, Beijing


Getting Liyuan Theater

By Bus

there are the following direct buses: 7, 14, 15, 23, 66, 70, 102, 105, 603 (Get off at: Hu Fang Qiao Lu Kou Nan) and 6, 15, 105, 687 (Get off at: Yong An Lu).

乘6路、15路、105路或 687路到永安路站下车。


By Subway

Hepingmen station on line 2 subway

Hepingmen station 2km away from liyuan theatre 。you can take a taxi or walk.

The walk from Hepingmen station is easy. The South Xinhua Street is filled with little artistic shops, restaurants and music instrument shops.


Subway Line 4 Caishikou Station with in 5 minutes taxi or walking along the street Luomashi Hu Fanglu eastbound to southbound after that to Yong'an Road, about 1.3 km.

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Liyuan Theater show time

Every day















Line of business Peking opera


The division line of business a long time, about seven or eight hundred years ago, Yuan Dynasty era, they carved out a lot of line of business. At that time, the line of business of the term called foot color, roughly divided into the late Dan, net three categories. End end is divided into positive and outer end of the punch at the end, once divided into Zhengdan, once outside, paint denier, net and net is divided into sub-net. Which play a major role in the positive end and Zhengdan. At that time the line of business (foot color) division not as modern science, fine, a variety of meanings and manifestations line of business, too, and now the stage line of business, there is a big difference. Wait until the seventeenth century, opera prevailed when the fine line of business division will increasingly accurate, has been divided into 12 kinds of foot color (line of business), known as the arena twelve foot color: older students, Zheng Sheng (equivalent niche), foreigners, at the end , Zhengdan, Xiaodan (equivalent boudoir door once), posted denier, Lao Dan, Omo (equivalent to the net), two side (equivalent to Vice-net), three (equivalent ugly), miscellaneous. These foot color has a unique artistic creation. But for the most influential opera dividing line of business, it should be said that Han Ju. Han Opera is divided into 10 kinds of line of business: one at the end, two net, juniors, four denier, five ugly, six, the seven small, eight, nine husband, ten miscellaneous. The role played by these ten line of business content, something like this: at the end is the main male role, that is, inside opera Sang; net and the net opera is the same, referring to the painted face; Dan Dan is the opera, refers to the role of women; stickers are affixed once the short, opera in the early division line of business, including posted once included, refers relatively minor role once the line, commonly known as the two once, such as now opera "matchmaker" in play Yingying Miss, is posted denier. Husband, played coachman, bearers, Ma Tong, runners a class character. Overall, these ten Han Opera's line of business, division was more detailed, the opera division line of business, and lay the foundation. Later opera divided living, Dan, net, ugly four types, seems to be more simplified and concise, but among each category, but also contains several subcategories, so this is actually put ten kinds of line of business are included. Not included, and more stringent fine. The only difference is that Han Ju Sang Although there has been, but his main line of business, and, like the Yuan Dynasty, or at the end, not born. Developed to the opera, Sang became the main line of business.




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