Liyuan Theater Address

Qianmen jianguo hotel ,175 Yongan Road, Xuan Wu District, Beijing


Getting Liyuan Theater

By Bus

there are the following direct buses: 7, 14, 15, 23, 66, 70, 102, 105, 603 (Get off at: Hu Fang Qiao Lu Kou Nan) and 6, 15, 105, 687 (Get off at: Yong An Lu).

乘6路、15路、105路或 687路到永安路站下车。


By Subway

Hepingmen station on line 2 subway

Hepingmen station 2km away from liyuan theatre 。you can take a taxi or walk.

The walk from Hepingmen station is easy. The South Xinhua Street is filled with little artistic shops, restaurants and music instrument shops.


Subway Line 4 Caishikou Station with in 5 minutes taxi or walking along the street Luomashi Hu Fanglu eastbound to southbound after that to Yong'an Road, about 1.3 km.

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Liyuan Theater show time

Every day















Chinese opera, you can not get lost in the translation of self


Chinese opera out of the country, the first foreign language translation will encounter problems. 20th century was the century of the West, "drama" is translated into English became the "Chinese (traditional) opera", opera was translated into "Beijing opera", and so on, such as the local opera opera was translated into "Henan opera , "opera is" Yue opera ". Although Chinese opera is a unique Chinese style and charm of integrated arts, singing, reading, doing, playing the stage show is not equivalent to the Western opera, but in order to facilitate the understanding and acceptance of Westerners, so translation is understandable. This is like when introduced opera "The Butterfly Lovers" the East "Romeo and Juliet", the Tang said to be the same as Oriental Shakespeare, based on Western expression as the basis.

Art has a long history of opera, produced a Guan Hanqing, Wang Shih-fu, Tang, Kong Shangren other opera everyone and "Dou" "Orphan" "The West Chamber" "Peony Pavilion", "Palace of Eternal Youth," "Peach Blossom Fan" and handed down masterpiece, like "Orphan" Early in the 17th century had spread abroad, far-reaching. However, with the beginning of the last century, Western drama into China, "drama", such as drama dominated the Chinese theater scene right to speak, the Soviet Stanislaw system is also "dominate" traditional opera became the "old drama", encountered blindly critique and transformation of doom, the basic theory of traditional Chinese opera theater by Western terminology instead.

In contrast Westerners seem to stick to their own culture to the extent of paranoia. "New York Times" recently published "China's Confucian constitutionalism", the author of "Confucian philosopher" Bell, but could not find any Chinese terminology throughout. He was not a man to do so. German requires that all "China experts" to be "very German" books about China to be written with authentic German vocabulary. German called "China Impression" In fact, this is "no Chinese elements Chinese." Billions of people in the history of East Asia constantly thinking and create a variety of terms, accounting for the world's population from 0.8 to 1.2% of the European countries, why do you want to exclude all oriental originality? European introduction of "civilization", "saint "or" gentleman "and other Chinese concepts of what is wrong? ...... most Western scholars often use the" Bible "doctrine or replace the Chinese translations of Western philosophy's original concept, they want China's image was" a country without any originality. " You will find, "Chinese religion", "Chinese God" and other Western common language, is translated from Chinese to "teach", "saint", "God" and other terms, but in terms of history or the meaning of point of view, they are not above the Western vocabulary similarities.

Westerners so stick to their own culture, may be derived from it on their own cultural self-confidence. Dedication and prejudices and Westerners than can clearly see our own shortcomings. Profound traditional Chinese culture, has its own unique charm, and borrowing foreign culture to enrich and enrich themselves and not wrong, but we can not lose their cultural awareness and self-confidence.

21st century China has been the world, we should not continue forever as the center of Western culture naming, translation accustomed. Just as the moment when the Mei Lanfang sing Chinese opera, like Europe, with its unique oriental charm dumping the world, "drama" is the translation of the word should go back to China-style expression of the time. Chinese Dramatists Association and the International Theatre Institute, held in Xiamen, the thirty-third World Theatre Conference, "the opera tours, cultural blend" as its theme, is the International Theatre Institute initiative put forward. "Opera" is a foreign language translation is a very important matter, we listened to the recommendations of academic experts, using a direct transliteration of the way, "drama" is translated as "Xiqu", opera is "Jingju", opera is "Yuju "International Drama Association and national colleagues have agreed. In fact, Japan's Kabuki "Kabuki", Noh "Nogaku" and other words of translation, translation into and in accordance with the already enriched the English vocabulary, our drama and opera, etc. Why can not it?! Chinese and Western culture, Western Drama strengths, we should be familiar with and learn from international means of expression, but it is not accommodating the West and self-digestion, but can not let the Chinese culture and the drama of self lost in translation.




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