Liyuan Theater Address

Qianmen jianguo hotel ,175 Yongan Road, Xuan Wu District, Beijing


Getting Liyuan Theater

By Bus

there are the following direct buses: 7, 14, 15, 23, 66, 70, 102, 105, 603 (Get off at: Hu Fang Qiao Lu Kou Nan) and 6, 15, 105, 687 (Get off at: Yong An Lu).

乘6路、15路、105路或 687路到永安路站下车。


By Subway

Hepingmen station on line 2 subway

Hepingmen station 2km away from liyuan theatre 。you can take a taxi or walk.

The walk from Hepingmen station is easy. The South Xinhua Street is filled with little artistic shops, restaurants and music instrument shops.


Subway Line 4 Caishikou Station with in 5 minutes taxi or walking along the street Luomashi Hu Fanglu eastbound to southbound after that to Yong'an Road, about 1.3 km.

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Liyuan Theater show time

Every day















Peking Opera facial makeup colors


Black: Black is the first color used to represent characters, Bao cop show his skin painted black, with the impartial image of Bao Zheng Untouchables respected, black on the characterization of the symbol as a character, through extension, the black Facebook is generally used for integrity and selfless, upright and straightforward character resolute and courageous character.

Red: Red is generally used to indicate upright, loyalty, bloody, showed more positive role. In fact, the red mask initially just to show people's skin, but a lot of red and black color roles are very gallant, integrity, so by extension, they begin with a red table gallant and good will for the gallant, Ethics fairy sketch red mask.

White: white with pink and white of the points and the oil. Peking Opera facial makeup is often used to express the treacherous white villains, such as the opera in pink and face painting Cao Cao Jianxiong, indicating treacherous suspicious. In addition, the hale and hearty old heroes, generals and monks, eunuchs and other roles can also be painted white mask.

Green: In Peking Opera, the green mask is generally used to represent brave, reckless, violent characters, and black mask with a similar intention. In addition, some Zhanshanweiwang bandits class figures also sketched green mask.

Blue: In Peking Opera, the blue and green meaning similar, are black extension, which means that character strong, forthright, and sometimes sinister figures indicate, cunning.

Purple: Purple is the color red and black in the middle, which represents the symbolism was also between the red and black, and the average representation solemn steady, upright majesty, rich sense of justice. Some characters in the novel, the drama described as purple-faced, so give them painted purple mask, and some characters sketched Zi Lian is to show his ugly.

Yellow: In Peking Opera, the moral character brave and sturdy with a yellow or violent cruel, so brave and yellow mask is generally used irascible character.

Gold and silver: gold and silver in the fantasy mask is widely used to represent the gods of gold shines, ghosts large teeth; sometimes with a golden mask to show the prowess generals to increase its eminence.


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