Liyuan Theater Address

Qianmen jianguo hotel ,175 Yongan Road, Xuan Wu District, Beijing


Getting Liyuan Theater

By Bus

there are the following direct buses: 7, 14, 15, 23, 66, 70, 102, 105, 603 (Get off at: Hu Fang Qiao Lu Kou Nan) and 6, 15, 105, 687 (Get off at: Yong An Lu).

乘6路、15路、105路或 687路到永安路站下车。


By Subway

Hepingmen station on line 2 subway

Hepingmen station 2km away from liyuan theatre 。you can take a taxi or walk.

The walk from Hepingmen station is easy. The South Xinhua Street is filled with little artistic shops, restaurants and music instrument shops.


Subway Line 4 Caishikou Station with in 5 minutes taxi or walking along the street Luomashi Hu Fanglu eastbound to southbound after that to Yong'an Road, about 1.3 km.

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Liyuan Theater show time

Every day















Opera orchestra


        Opera band is composed of percussion and pipes, consisting of stringed instruments. Percussion, said Wu games, tubes, stringed instruments, said Wen Field. Opera orchestra general scenes, or civil and military fields.

        Wen Field: opera orchestra accompaniment is called the text field. The text of the play workers generally quartet to orchestral accompaniment based (although ultimately, percussion). Text field, including instruments, are: Pipa (violin), Jing erhu, banjo, harp (small three-stringed lute), flute, sheng, suona, sea flute (ie trumpet) and gongs, etc. As accompaniment tone and playing different tunes category, these instruments in the configuration can be divided into four groups: 1. Mainly of stringed instruments in Pipa. In accompaniment two yellow, Sipi, Siping tune, South Clapper, plectrum and other high-tone based. Yellow leather used in the play violin tunes, by this group of instrumentalists. 2. Dominated by flute wind instrument, including flute and dulcimer, to the accompaniment of Kunqu opera, blowing chamber cavity and miscellaneous minor and so on. Opera used fine blowing tunes, all with this group of musical instruments. 3. One pair suona. In Peking Opera suona versatile, able to play tunes, also was singing accompaniment, but also and blowing masi, the rooster crows and other sound effects. 4. Sea flutes and flute. Can play tunes, but also to accompany singing.

        Wu Field: opera accompaniment of percussion band called Wu field. Percussion Although only a fixed level of play the sound, but sound strong, distinctive sense of rhythm, usually heavy weapons martial arts drama, percussion accompaniment based. The basic instruments, including military field: Guban (Guban actually Tanban, two single percussion instrument, cause a person to grasp, so collectively known Guban), large gongs, cymbals, small gong four instruments. Guban in opera orchestra is commanding role play musical instruments. This four musical instruments, through Guban command, there are basically three different configurations: 1. Dominated by large gong, cymbals, gongs, supplemented by small, because large gong sound plump, bright, strong intensity, so many great scenes for the play activities, or performing fast-paced, intense emotion of the occasion. 2. No big gongs, cymbals dominated by a small gong, supplemented, because cymbals sound muffled, faded, it is used for an atmosphere of deep, sad mood suppression of the story. 3. Large gong, cymbals do not have, only a small gong singles, because of the small gong sound light, it is used for a more serene, calm performances. Wu field also includes some other percussion instruments, such as: size of the percussions, water cymbals cymbals, cymbal size pot.




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